Categorized for Exploitation: Social Media Has Decided Who You Are

social media deciding who you are

Rich consumer data is key to attracting customers, increasing sales and building loyalty. ‘Knowing’ your customer creates efficiencies in advertising spend. And, of course, when it works, everyone is happy. But with the advent of social media we now need to ask if it’s working too well? Or has it gone rogue? Hiccups in the […]

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To iPad or Not to iPad: Parenting in the Tech Age

worry about the what not the how of technology

A few paragraphs cannot adequately express the weight of what it means to raise children in a world of technology-driven wants/needs/desires with truly unknown outcomes. Even before experts get a handle on what is happening to little human brains we are on to the next big thing. The difference between pre-Internet/digital age and parenting today […]

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Pressing Pause on A.I. Hysteria

Reducing AI hysteria

I’m admittedly prone to siding with the ‘sky is falling’ camp in the discussion about where A.I. will lead us. My fear is more about the general public’s unwitting participation in building these big bad robots. By sharing prolifically on platforms such as as Facebook and Google we feed the beast and help it grow. […]

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