Categorized for Exploitation: Social Media Has Decided Who You Are

social media deciding who you are

Rich consumer data is key to attracting customers, increasing sales and building loyalty. ‘Knowing’ your customer creates efficiencies in advertising spend. And, of course, when it works, everyone is happy. But with the advent of social media we now need to ask if it’s working too well? Or has it gone rogue? Hiccups in the […]

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An Insatiable Lust: The Media Today in NYC

Media onslaught in Tribeca

[note: this article was written just about a year ago and we thought it was worth dusting off as a reminder of how much our media culture of in-your-face immediacy is chipping away at our collective sanity] I’m sitting in the middle of a media melee outside of my new home in Manhattan. Having relocated […]

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