To iPad or Not to iPad: Parenting in the Tech Age

worry about the what not the how of technology

A few paragraphs cannot adequately express the weight of what it means to raise children in a world of technology-driven wants/needs/desires with truly unknown outcomes. Even before experts get a handle on what is happening to little human brains we are on to the next big thing. The difference between pre-Internet/digital age and parenting today […]

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Pressing Pause on A.I. Hysteria

I’m admittedly prone to siding with the ‘sky is falling’ camp in the discussion about where A.I. will lead us. My fear is more about the general public’s unwitting participation in building these big bad robots. By sharing prolifically on platforms such as as Facebook and Google we feed the beast and help it grow. […]

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An Insatiable Lust: The Media Today in NYC

Terrorism in Tribeca

[note: this article was written just about a year ago and we thought it was worth dusting off as a reminder of how much our media culture of in-your-face immediacy is chipping away at our collective sanity] I’m sitting in the middle of a media melee outside of my new home in Manhattan. Having relocated […]

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The Last Days of Twitter: How Long Until it’s Over

Twitter is now a sad place

I’ve written previously about Twitter and must continue until I stop waking in a cold sweat from the grim vision of us all slipping down a stream of big blue bird feathers straight to hell. Surely I’m not alone in seeing a nightly apparition resembling our POTUS with a blue bird scepter that blasts out […]

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Listen Up Smarty Pants: Fake News is Smarter Than You

How tired  are you of the term ‘fake news’? One particularly odious result of the 2016 election has been the schoolyard-like taunts now part of our collective lexicon. From ‘fake news’ to ‘snowflake’ it’s all very juvenile and tiring. Increasingly inured to negativity you might have then missed or ignored the recent story about Facebook’s […]

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14 Uber Rides in 48 Hours: My LA Adventure

An unexpected learning via Uber

A few weeks ago I visited Los Angeles from London. I wanted to see my brother’s new house, visit with friends and do a bit of business. So I set up meetings coming back thinking more about the strangers I met rather than the friends and family I saw. Specifically, the time I spent with […]

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What’s Got You Down, Twitter?

The frustration of Twitter

Flip through that magazine or self-improvement tome and you’ll hear it again and again… negative emotions are contagious. Choose your company of friends wisely, they say. Or, for the sake of this blog post, choose the company of your social media platform wisely. A quick breeze through Psychology Today and you’ll find the names of the […]

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How Do You Build A Robot? One Human At A Time

[this post originally appeared on my Huffington Post blog – 2 May] You may have seen recent news that Amazon has launched a new and improved Echo device called the Echo Look. Thanks to its built-in camera, one of the first ‘practical applications’ is the ability for users to keep a visual record of what […]

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The Softer Side of Facebook: Tribe Building Share by Share

Less discussed these days is something quieter and more subtle blossoming from our Facebook newsfeeds. Instead of hostility and hate, we are making new friends. Connections previously categorized as acquaintances have slowly grown in my estimation and purely based on their posts, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Different Tiers of Friends Like most people, when I first joined Facebook I […]

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