Today a Volunteer, Tomorrow a Leader

The importance of volunteering

It’s so very important for women to stay in the ‘game’. Having children, running a household, bringing in income or taking a break; we are masters of multi-tasking and rarely ever do just one thing. We also get few opportunities to lead. Women are just 4.8% of the positions on the Fortune 500 and yet of […]

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Our Favorite Female Entrepreneur Duos

female entrepreneur duos winning

It’s always important in business (and life) to know that someone has your back. That person who serves as a sounding board; who can tell you when you aren’t being yourself and you take it to heart; who you trust implicitly and who makes you laugh. To have an entrepreneur at your side who feels […]

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Have Whistle, Will Blow: A Tale of Harassment

It seems like every week there is a ‘hot-off-the-presses’ story about harassment in the workplace. And this week it was literally about the press…no sooner did CBS head Leslie Moonves step down over accusations of misconduct;  Jeff Fager, the executive producer of “60 Minutes,” was fired after threatening a reporter (a CBS reporter no less) […]

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The Retired Entrepreneur as Next Internet Sensation

Who comes to mind when we say ‘the Internet’s next great hope’ (or billionaire)? Maybe a male, age 25, an engineer? Wears tee-shirts, jeans and smelly sneakers? What if we were to throw into the mix…retiree, grey-haired, bouncing grandkids on the knee? Would it be that surprising to find a retired entrepreneur gracing the cover […]

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Why Wonder Woman Really, Really Matters

[In celebration of a new release date and additional detail from the upcoming Wonder Woman 2 we are reposting this piece from Jun 2017] I found myself a bit choked up while watching Wonder Woman as one of the first women-led superhero films in more than a decade; and the first directed by a woman. The ‘No Man’s Land’ […]

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The Key to Insta-Perfection May Just Be Authenticity

News has it that ‘no one is on Facebook’ (well, yes and no) and that if you are a design, beauty, food, lifestyle, fashion, etc business, then the only place to flex your digital brand muscle is on Instagram (where unfortunately authenticity seems to be in short supply right now). You spend hours curating your […]

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Is Innovation to Invent or Improve? Ask female entrepreneurs….

The concept of innovation in business has slowly come to be defined as the ‘next big thing’ out of Silicon Valley rather than in using technology to improve categories. More often than not, it’s an industry that also excludes female entrepreneurs. By definition an entrepreneur is ‘a person who organizes and operates a business or […]

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Categorized for Exploitation: Social Media Has Decided Who You Are

Rich consumer data is key to attracting customers, increasing sales and building loyalty. ‘Knowing’ your customer creates efficiencies in advertising spend. And, of course, when it works, everyone is happy. But with the advent of social media we now need to ask if it’s working too well? Or has it gone rogue? Hiccups in the […]

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How Digital has Blindsided Fashion Designers

How digital has blindsided fashion

It’s hard to find success as a fashion designer. From coming up with a unique product, brand and viewpoint, to mastering manufacturing and distribution and receiving industry support and endorsement, it’s exhausting. But it is often the world of ‘digital’ that has proven most elusive and even damaging to fashion designers and their burgeoning brands. […]

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